How does car’s air conditioning system work?

//How does car’s air conditioning system work?

How does car’s air conditioning system work?

A:Air-conditioning compressor      B:Condenser    C:Fan   D:Liquid storage tank

E:Expansion valve  F:Blower

It is not difficult to figure out  the working principle of the air conditioner from above picture,it relies on exchange heat through the liquefaction and gasification of the refrigerant. The refrigerant has the physical characteristics of liquefaction exotherm and gasification endotherm.

The compressor compresses the refrigerant into a liquid state, and at the same time releases a large amount of heat. The high-pressure liquid refrigerant blown by the radiator fan of the vehicle head enters the evaporator in the vehicle through the expansion valve, and the liquid refrigerant becomes a gaseous state and absorbs a large amount of heat. After the temperature was lowered and then blown out through the blower behind the evaporator,then we felt the cold wind.

But sometimes we need warm wind like in the winter,how to get the warm wind?The below picture

explains that well.

A:Cold air entrance B:blower C:warmer D:wind exit E:Engine coolant

Firstly the cold wind comes in from A,then blower pushes it to the warmer which heat the cold air by coolant from

Engine,then the warm air comes out from D.

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