Alignment of your tyres,you konw?

//Alignment of your tyres,you konw?

Alignment of your tyres,you konw?

What is the tyre alignment?

The wheel we have in mind is perpendicular to the ground.But in fact, in order to ensure the driving performance,the wheels tend to have some inclination angles.These inclination angles are Toe,Camber and Caster.The front (rear) toe angle mainly affects the straightforward driving of the car.The camber affects the balance of the car.The caster affects the acceleration and braking of the car.It is called alignment to adjust these angles.








When do you need to do four wheel alignment?

If you find that the tire pressure is normal and the steering wheel is normal but the car does not go straight.Then it is very likely that the wheel is biased.

Besides, when you are checking the tires,if you see the tires have signs of “eat tires”(while oneside of tyre is worn hard, the other side is little),then there may be a problem with the angle of inclination, and it needs alignment.

Also,for those who changed the shock absorber or changed car height,to be on the safe side, you also need to do four wheel alignment.

How to do Alignment?

Alignment needs a set of professional machine which is expensive,so you have to turn to auto service stores.


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